Last weekend Mrs H and I participated in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and having recently joined the organisation, we expected to make a big splash. We’ve been conscientiously feeding them for many years, and now have their trust. On any given day, we see charms of greenfinch, clouds of blackbirds, troublings of goldfinch. Gatlings …

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In for a penny

I wanted to explore what can be done with just one penny. These days, a penny doesn’t go very far. It would probably only get you a single lick of a Magnum, half a snort from a Flying Saucer, or perhaps one toe of a Monster Munch, but there’s more to this subject, and there’s …

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I am a good dog

I am a good dog. I love my walks with the family. But Joggers really make my day. They wear bright clothes and jiggle towards me, arms flapping, legs akimbo. And if I’m a really lucky dog, some of those legs will be bare. Perhaps their calves will be sweaty, and I can lick the …

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Don’t Rush Me

I love slow starts. I don’t want to be rushed, especially when I like a book. I want to be gently ushered into the world of the main characters. I want to spend time with them, I want to get to know them. And that means watching them in their natural environment. When things change …

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Character Arcs

All stories have one thing in common — something has to happen to someone. The more interesting the happening, and the more relatable the character, the better the story. This is obvious but I’m saying it in case you thought this post was about Noah’s ark, the biblical saviour of beasts and birds. It isn’t. …

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