In for a penny

Not a penny, but close enough

I wanted to explore what can be done with just one penny.

These days, a penny doesn’t go very far. It would probably only get you a single lick of a Magnum, half a snort from a Flying Saucer, or perhaps one toe of a Monster Munch, but there’s more to this subject, and there’s more than one kind of penny.

Getting a Big Bang for your Penny

When I wear my varifocals, my wife tells me I resemble Leonard from the Big Bang Theory. She doesn’t look like Penny, with or without my glasses on, but she is beautiful and the primary female character in my universe.

Stay Pennywise

Be wary of anyone with a balloon on his head

There was something doing the rounds on social media the other day, that compared Pennywise, Stephen King’s murderous alien clown, with Mary Poppins, the stalwart but fantastical British nanny. The authors surmise that both characters were of the same alien species because, amonst other things, they came around every twenty or so years to mess around with the natural order of things whilst feeding off the emotional energy of others. Pennywise from fear, Poppins from joy, apparantly. Since joy and fear are two sides of the same coin, I suppose there might be something in this.

Bits of coins

Good luck spinning this coin

The word coin comes from the old French word coing, which means corner, or stamp, or wedge; more specifically a smaller bit of a nice expensive chunk of metal. So in a sense bitcoin is a tautology.

I have a good friend who’s a successful trader of bitcoins, and other crypto-currencies. As I sit here scribbling, he’s no doubt getting richer. Good luck to him, I say, because it has taken hard work, guile and not a small amount of risk for him to get to where he is today. Whilst I know vanishingly little about the subject, I know that one penny would buy only a small fragment of a bitcoin (just over a quarter of a millionth). I also know that I would rather have one bitcoin, which I would spend on 3.7 million pennies or five million packets of crisps (Monster Munch, of course).

This isn’t my bitcoin friend, but it’s a fair representation

Why am I banging on about pennies?

This isn’t Penny from Big Bang, nor is it my wife

Because Recursion is on special offer, reduced to 99p for a very limited time, and because I wanted to give some inspiration to my readers on how to spend their penny change.

Recursion: here, now, and only 99p

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