ANOMALY by DJ Harrison

You know how there’s a nasty alien thingy in almost every part of space these days, well this is just like that, but completely different.

The alien thingy isn’t what you expect. It lives inside a spaceship that likes bees and that, and it does lambing and it grows things. Mat Damon grew a potato on Mars, so it’s not even that far fetched.

Some naughty people in suits tried to nuke it (the alien, not Damon’s potato). I’m not sure why, but we all know that corporations are evil so I suppose it’s all fine. Anyway, that didn’t work and now they have problems with their computers.

That’s all I got up to, so far, but it’s pretty good. If Kurt Vonnegut wrote about space and time, this might have been the result (oh wait, he did?)

I imagine they’ll switch the machines off and on again to fix them.

For the first half of this book, I would rate it 27.5 out of the square root of 756.25.

DJ Harrison and David J Harrison: confused yet?

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